Incorporating older literature into genomic studies: A response to Zunino & Halffter


Zunino and Halffter (2019) criticized our paper (Breeschoten et al., 2016) on phylogenetics and biogeography of the dung beetle genus Onthophagus for failing to cite ten of their co-authored papers related to this topic. They point out that “from both scientific and ethical stand- points they [the authors of Breeschoten et al. (2016)] cannot ignore” these papers, as they already established similar biogeographical and evolutionary conclusions. We did not intend to disregard the authors’ scientific findings but, as presented in these papers, we found it difficult to align their phylogenetic hypotheses with our work.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
Camiel Doorenweerd
Camiel Doorenweerd
Junior Researcher Insect Systematics and Conservation

My research interests include macro-evolution, speciation, plant-insect interactions, bioinformatics and entomology